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The real rest happens when you sleep.While you sleep i.e, when you rest your body reparing is done.Movement Rest and again Movement is the Rhythm of life.When your body is on work whatever risks your body feels is been reapaired on rest. How long the body should rest is decided by our body itselves.So when reparing process is done body comes to waking stage by that time our body would have regained the lost energy.

Humans are not nocturnal animals. By that it means they should be active only during day time and rest of the time is to be inactive.If you are not able to take rest during night time; they should take rest at day time.Now a days man is fond of doing work for the whole day and retiring to bed at late night.By this body won’t get proper time to repair. So that internal organs in the body loss its energy thereby losing its functioning capacity leading to various acute and chronic ailments.The only way to regain the strength of the organs is by giving rest to them. Some patients sleep completely for day and night its because their body is in need of rest. One who sleeps should be allowed to sleep; by that repairing gets progressed. For complete physical and mental rest please do avoid cellphones etc.

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