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‘Ortho’ Greek word which means right. Orthopathy means right treatment (disease itselves is the right treatment). It was found in by an American allopathy physician named Dr. Issac Jennings in1820. Right nature cure is known to be as Orthopathy or Natural Hygiene. And one who practice this is known as Natural Hygienist. Diseases are made and cured by our own body. If disease are cured by type of medicine the body resist to completely cure the diseases. This is what Orthopathy mean that is complete relaxation and rest.

In Orthopathy or Nature cure there is no sorts of any medicines and treatment. Due to that there is no any side effects for the patient. Orthopathy can be done for all diseases. But all diseases cannot be cured by the Orthopathy ; its not the fault of Nature cure. The person’s organs that damaged to the maximum cannot be repaired or restored at any cost. For them Medicines are the only way. For ex: Insulin dependent Diabetic patients as their pancreas cannot produce Insulin; it should be supplemented from outside. So anyone who takes medicine shouldnot stop it by their own wish. Please don’t blame the Nature cure treatment if the disease not cured.

We have not found any medicine or provide any other medicines to cure diseases. One who comes here is by their own wish by knowing the fact of naturopathy. So the person itself is responsible for any complications that happens to them physically or mentally in or even after leaving the nature cure centre.

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