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‘FASTING’ is meant to give rest to the body. When your body rests it goes on a process of repairing inside the body.There is nothing which can pay instead of rest.While body is undergoing treatment its good to avoid intake of food; for good result.During fasting one should not only avoid food but also take rest mentally and physically; better result is found if silence is also maintained.

One should drink only clean water during fasting other drinks like honey water is restricted. Drink water limitedly and don’t fill the stomach completely with water.Various get togethers with Doctor helps you to know more about effects of fasting, how diseases are caused? how disease are cured?

Fasting is the major treatment done here but for some its not possible. One who takes medicine is not allowed to take fasting.For them also Orthopathy can be done without fasting.Please don’t be on fasting and come for treatment. After consultation, the Doctor will decide whether to do fasting or not.

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