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In day today life entertainment is also as important as exercise and rest.We can divide a whole day to three parts:1/8th for rest,1/8th for work and the last 1/8th for entertainment.Now a days man is not at all finding time for entertainment.They had found the way as a picnic or an outing to hotel to spend their leisure time.Where is the time for real entertainment? Orelse they had felt they like wasting their precious time in the name of entertainment.In ancient time people used to find entertainment as a custom for their mental and physical growth.Archery ,bull fight were all the ways to make mind and body fit. Dance,music and various games are necessary for withstanding life and now its all been done by certain poeple only. To regain and restore the mind and body health one can join in get togethers, picnics etc.So for that we arrange picnics,recreation time in this institution.In mates should engage in those things which their body allows to do.Those who are going for picnic should not go deep in to the sea, or any other risky trials.Saturday nights we join together for extra curricular entertainments (songs, poems, stories, dance etc).Inmates can join to make their mind and body calm and peaceful.On last saturday of every month toy making is also taught.Enjoy the days while you are here.

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