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This Institution has a diet regimen of its own with restriction of certain foods.Its not a part of treatment but a part of restoring health.One should take this food accordingly during illness or even when you are healthy.When other system of medicines started depending on drugs; Nature cure depended on food as medicine.But the fact is that no food can cure any disease.One who suffer from any illness should not take any food is the best remedy.Later one can gradually start on food by restricting the unwanted items.Its a rumour among the public is that Nature cure has lots of food restrictions.But its not real;nature cure gives freedom to choose ones own food.No other systems provide this freedom;they tell one to have food timely.Nature cure suggests one to have food only when he feels hunger.Humans have a diet pattern which includes varied types of foods.We provide different foods daily.We also have cookery classes every week which provides delicious foods without oil, masala or any taste adding substances or preservatives.So one can follow that in day to day life.

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