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  • Expenses

    Comparing to all others treatment systems Orthopathy or Nature cure is the cheapest among all.Fresh air,sunlight, exercise, rest, healthy food are necessary for the body.If we live accordingly to its availability is known as life natural. Whatever may be the disease,the prior thing needed as treatment is rest.And all...

  • Entertainment

    In day today life entertainment is also as important as exercise and rest.We can divide a whole day to three parts:1/8th for rest,1/8th for work and the last 1/8th for entertainment.Now a days man is not at all finding time for entertainment.They had found the way as a picnic...

  • Diet

    This Institution has a diet regimen of its own with restriction of certain foods.Its not a part of treatment but a part of restoring health.One should take this food accordingly during illness or even when you are healthy.When other system of medicines started depending on drugs; Nature cure depended...

  • Exercise

    Exercise is for the body’s normal activity and maintenance. Age ,sex or anything doesnot matter for that.Everyone should do exercise.Its not for weight reduction,lower cholesterol,control diabetes or anything.The fact is that one who donot have exercise is prone to get many diseases,usually Doctors suggest those with the above chronic...

  • Sleep/Rest

    The real rest happens when you sleep.While you sleep i.e, when you rest your body reparing is done.Movement Rest and again Movement is the Rhythm of life.When your body is on work whatever risks your body feels is been reapaired on rest. How long the body should rest is...


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